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KSS Resolutions prides itself in timely delivery of services on a personal, interactive basis with clients and their employees. Through this interaction, resolutions brought about are more effective in meeting the needs of management and of the employees.

Below is a brief summary of the services that can be provided.


  • Provide HR guidance to executive management supporting them in meeting their legal obligations and business goals through formulating effective HR policies and procedures.
  • Perform in-depth audit of existing HR policies and procedures to determine strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for ways to improve. Audits also include employee files, completion of I-9's, W-4's, review of employee handbook, etc.
  • Workforce planning is accomplished through the design and development of a recruiting plan that effectively identifies the best qualified candidates not only for the available positions, but also those that fit into the culture in the work environment.
  • Develop a Performance Management Process that fits the company's philosophy and culture regarding performance, growth and accepted behaviors in the work environment.
  • Consult with management to resolve employee relations issues and prepare written reprimands for the appropriate documentation needed in counseling. Conduct meetings with the manager and employee to review performance or behavioral issues.
  • Assist managers in dealing with employees that may be otherwise qualified under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), or subject to Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and other personal leave policies that may be in existence.
  • Review and prepare job descriptions for all positions.
  • Perform the HR function on an outsourced basis for companies that need an on-site HR person once a week or as needed.
  • Complete an analysis of current compensation practices to ensure there are no potential violations under the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
  • Develop a base compensation program with grades and ranges.
  • Conduct a compensation survey for any key positions as needed.
  • Executive Compensation
  • Conduct training of managers in various subject matters such as harassment, employment law, employee relations, the progressive discipline process, and management skills including interviewing and completing performance evaluations effectively. The following is an idea of what you can learn in a few of the training sessions.
    • All’s Fair in Love & Work- Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
      Workplace harassment complaints are up by 100% since 2005 in the Houston area.   Employers who have lost their cases were unaware of the harassment happening right under their noses.  Are you willing to be caught off guard?
      • Understand what is and is not sexual harassment including what constitutes a hostile work environment
      • Discover the behaviors that can be interpreted as sexual harassment
      • Learn how to prevent sexual harassment and how to protect yourself, as an employer, once a complaint has been made
    • The ABCs of Employment Law
      If you have employees, you need to know the basics.  FMLA, ADA, FLSA, IRCA- Getting a headache yet?  Enjoy the alphabet soup of HR acronyms in a funny and “palatable” presentation.
      • Perception is reality- learn how to navigate the alternate universes set up by employees.
      • Your Independent contractors may not be so independent- learn who qualifies.
      • Prevent the Tweet of Death!  Manage what your employees are saying about you on social media.
      • Do most of your employees look like Bill Rancic from The Apprentice?  Houston, you may have a problem.  Discover how to prevent workplace discrimination.
      • Navigate the Americans with Disabilities Act.
      • Liposuction does not count! Learn what qualifies under the Families and Medical Leave Act.
    • Embrace the Elephant in the Workplace- Difficult Conversations with Employees
      Are you afraid of confrontation?  You’re not alone.  Most Americans suffer from allodoxaphobia or the fear of confrontation.  However, this fear paralyses productivity and reduces revenue in the workplace.  Gain the tools necessary to conquer difficult conversations with employees.
      • Tackle Stinky Situations- how to address employee grooming
      • Learn how to take your workplace from a daycare to a productive space
      • How to have the termination conversation in five minutes or less
      • Counsel “The One in Every Bunch” on how to become a productive team member
      • Discover how to turn  wine fests into productive meetings
      • Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies- Give truthful employee reviews.
    • Management Skills Training – learn the requisite skills that make you effective in managing others
      • The role and characteristics of an effective manager
      • Effective communications and time management
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Rewards and Recognition
      • Performance Evaluation Process and Progressive Discipline/Coaching
      • Customize training programs as needed.
    • Employee Handbooks and Supervisor Manuals.
    • Monthly Employee Newsletters
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