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Regardless of size, all businesses require an individual with sound human resources knowledge from time to time. Small and mid-sized businesses have the same HR related issues as large businesses, but occuring not as frequently.

Therefore, these businesses are at a crossroads as they typically cannot support hiring a full-time HR Manager, but at times find themselves in a predicament of needing expert guidance in that area.

This is where KSS Resolutions can serve you.

Did You Know

Recently Wal-Mart settled a lawsuit over unpaid wages to 200,000 workers. The cost will be in the ballpark of $86,000,000. Are you properly paying your employees? Here are some areas that employers tend to not realize they are not in compliance.

  • Are you paying what was agreed? Any time you make changes in wage payments, provide a written notice prior to taking such action.
  • Overtime pay - dependent upon State or Federal requirements, be sure that any overtime incurred by non-exempt employees is paid. In Texas, any hours worked over 40 hours in a work week must be paid at 1.5 times the hourly wage with very few exceptions.
  • Pay Deductions without Prior Written Approval - any deduction made from an employee's pay check, including final pay, must have prior written authorization by the employee. This includes deductions for failure to return company property at end of employment.
  • Loaning money or Advancing Wages - there should be a written document outlining this transaction and payment terms.
  • Work Performed Off The Clock - do not allow any non-exempt employees to perform work off the clock, even if they volunteer to work extra hours without pay.
  • Misclassification of Positions - verify all exempt positions truly are considered exempt based upon the level of duties and responsibilities performed. Remember, you can pay non-exempt employees a salary, but they are still subject to overtime pay.
  • Independent Contractor in lieu of a regular employee - the DOL looks at several areas to determine whether or not that individual can be classified as an IC or really is an employee. Some of the things looked at is the type of work performed and how it is performed; length of relationship; is the individual presented as an employee or an IC; financial risk taken by the IC, and many more areas are reviewed.

Learn from Wal-Mart's mistakes! If you are not sure you are in compliance with the way in which you are paying your employees, please feel free to contact Kelly Shea of KSS Resolutions, LLC with any questions at 832/443-3478.

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