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Regardless of size, all businesses require human resources knowledge from time to time. Small and mid-sized businesses have the same HR related issues as large businesses, but not as frequent. Therefore, these businesses typically face the dilemma of needing expert HR advice but cannot support the hiring of a full-time HR manager.

KSS Resolutions strategically partners with both small and mid-sized businesses to help them attain their business goals and objectives through effective interrelations of their biggest resource - human capital. This is accomplished through the direct delivery of HR services to resolve employee relations issues and strengthen the understanding of expectations of the clients’ management team through effective communication, training and coaching.

We also provide Recruiting services tailored to meet your needs by assisting with your current recruiting program or completely handling the recruiting process for you. We can provide a written report critiquing your current recruiting program with recommendations for improvements, if any. Dependent upon the position, on average it takes approximately 60 hours to handle the entire recruiting process from writing and posting the job description through the extension of a job offer to the right candidate. Recruiting is billed on an affordable hourly rate which provides a cost effective measure than the traditional fees charged based on the salary of the position.

As the founder of KSS Resolutions, Kelly Shea brings over 20 years of human resources and benefits experience including eight years as a consultant. Her level of expertise coupled with her drive and passion ensure that services provided are delivered on a personal, interactive basis. This collaboration allows for a better understanding of the culture and management philosophy within an organization enabling communication to be more effective with the employees. Therefore, resolutions brought about through this form of personal interaction will better meet the needs of management and the employees.

KSS Resolutions provides the right HR solutions at the right price. Employers pay for services delivered at the time they are rendered. They are charged for actual services performed based on a fee structure and not a monthly charge based on a percentage of payroll or a charge per employee. Economically this makes KSS Resolutions services more attractive in delivery of services and cost.

Whether resolving employee-related issues, coaching managers in their daily interactions with staff, meeting recruiting needs, or assisting in creating effective communications with employees, KSS Resolutions is there to provide the advice and support your company needs.

»INTRODUCING NEW SERVICES – an alternative approach to a PEO
Core Benefits, Netchex and KSS Resolutions developed an alternative approach in delivering group benefits, payroll and human resources services for small to mid-sized employers without the high cost of administrative fees found in many PEO arrangements. In today’s economic environment, employers are in need of the delivery of efficient administrative services with low impact to the bottom line. The approach is to charge employers for the administrative services they actually use from month to month. The employer retains ownership of its employees and is given the flexibility to design the level of services that best fit their needs.

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